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This morning I woke to an ache inside, and ache like no other ache felt by any human, animal, or plant alive. I do not know how to explain this ache, other than it began to fester in the small tip of my right pinky toe, and climbed its own special pilgrimage to the pit of my stomach…or maybe it was the insides of my chest. I can picture the doctor's physiognomy, portraying a confused anger as to how a thimble sized bird managed to make my ribcage its domain. I suppose this is why I have been so off kilter recently, the feeling of butterfly's…except of a bird, constantly fluting and bating its wings against my bones.
The truth is I have made a small incision under my left breast, as to where I will drop bird feed every morning. Increasing the amount I feed my bird every week, in hopes he will mature to three times his size; crushing my ribs and one day exploding through my chest into a flight that will be recorded in history textbooks and taught to young children; The legend of a girl who magnificently blossomed into a beautiful bird.